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3rdly. The Trainer will equally have the capacity to go much more freely in the employs of chemical substances when describing them, and accordingly it really is proposed the purposes of Chemistry to Domestic and Industrial

nations could be effected, really should be hailed with fulfillment, and I appear forward with unique fascination to the long run impact which may most appropriately be exercised in this way by distinguished pupils of Worldwide Colleges.

English chemical dyes are fast spoiling the Indian dyers' perform. The Maharajah of Kashmir does his greatest to maintain English dyes out of his state. Detect the cloths of unbleached cotton, with their exquisite borders in purple, blue, and eco-friendly silk.

Catechu.—Prepared by boiling down the chips on the khair tree, is helpful as being a medication plus a condiment, also in dyeing As well as in Indian tanning.

4. Professorial Uses and better aspirations of Idea and Investigation.—In proportion as the different Added benefits, realistic, intellectual, and specialized, which Science can confer, become better appreciated, general public viewpoint, strengthened by the instance of overseas nations, will assign to Savants a better social place, and a bigger share in parliamentary and administrative honours. For that reason the amount of youthful Gentlemen from the upper social levels who may perhaps aspire to Scientific Professorships is probably going to get significantly on the rise.

The elementary expertise received in the very first calendar year might be perfected and strengthened in the second via the beneficial and entertaining process of making use of it in succession to all The main necessities of Everyday life. Through Physiology, alone depending on Bodily and chemical rules, the pupils might have obtained an insight in the Structure and features on the human frame, and they would perceive its consequent demands for progress and servicing, health and fitness, and luxury. They would therefore now find a way to grasp, and follow out consecutively, uncomplicated precepts of Hygiene respecting the choice of the site, and the final layout of a Property, its building, fittings, and furniture, and the essential topics of Foods and Outfits.

Inside the Indian Museum is an enamelled plate which represents the perform of four years, and a kitchen furniture concongella sizable engraved jade bowl, on which a spouse and children of lapidarians was engaged for 3 generations.

hibited the potters wheel at work, and had glass-blowers from different is effective For example the mode of blowing glass; with the lectures in dyeing, several firms lent workmen to show the sensible more info here procedures. From the previous yr a program of lectures had been supplied on "Wine." Beginning with the growth of the grape, treating the diseases to which it truly is subject (a make any difference now Obviously attracting A lot desire in France), the modes of combating the unfold of phylloxera, the ways of winemaking, the chemistry of fermentation, the processes associated with the preparation Get More Info of assorted types of wine, the modes of tests wine, and, in short, The complete of its chemical history." The audiences at these lectures were being quite massive, and mainly in the Functioning lessons. M. de Luynes knowledgeable the Commissioners that in his feeling "the worth of such Conservatoire lectures was sizeable as exciting the masses of your men and women in scientific topics.

It is very purely natural that in arranging an summary of elementary Chemical Science for the very first division of a Course of Bionomy, the classification should be devised in accordance Using the utilitarian intent in look at, rather than remaining based on summary concept. Consequently As an example, the non-metallic bodies could be conveniently impressed around the memory of novices by having very first the gaseous kinds, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Chlorine, after which you can An important of the stable ones, Carbon, Phosphorus, Sulphur, and Iodine; Fluorine, Boron and Silicon getting represented by their navigate to this website compounds, and Bromine and Selenium remaining left for the second Period of time.

the neatness with which their exercising and copy textbooks are kept. The piece provided as a looking through training was go through fairly very well, and the ladies showed which they had been taught to go through with their minds awake as to the indicating of the things they study.

what range of Marks Every solution of a Applicant deserves, bears in your mind the number appended into the printed issue as the maximum obtainable.

Three Classes were examined in Algebra and acquitted by themselves to our total satisfaction. The 2 better Courses show a radical mastery with the function they profess; though the bottom Class has designed a really truthful and promising commencement with the subject. 'The Lessons examined in Algebra have been like-sensible examined in Geometry, and in this issue, as in the previous, the more Superior pupils showed incredibly significant proficiency.

simple notion in the vast machinery necessary for visit The federal government and Charge of the Empire. Recognize which the exhibits in these Courts are:—

I feel that by means of discretion and conciliatory demeanour on both sides, a compromise could be effected, equally useful to Science and also to Religion, Which even Geology might be built to talk the truth innocuously. Meanwhile, we might consider for a lucky circumstance, that These depart-

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